Thunor Web Manual

This manual is available in PDF format or as a website at

What is Thunor Web?

Thunor Web is a web application for managing, visualizing and analyzing high throughput screen (HTS) data. In brief, an HTS is an experiment whereby drugs are applied to cell lines in a multiplexed fashion, using microtiter plates with many wells (typically, 384). Currently, the system is focused on proliferation (cell count) data, but other assay types may be supported in the future.

With Thunor Web, users can upload cell counts data obtained at one or more time points. Data can be upload pre-annotated (i.e. labelled with cell lines, drugs, and drug concentrations), or unannotated. In the unannotated case, Thunor Web has a graphical plate mapper to add annotations efficiently.

Thunor Web will calculate 72 hour viability and, if the data have multiple time points, the drug-induced proliferation rate (DIP rate). In both cases, Thunor Web will fit dose response curves and calculate derivative metrics, such as IC50 and EC50. All these data can be visualized using the plot system.

Thunor Web allows labelling of groups of cell lines or drugs with "tags" using its tag system. Examples include cell line mutations, cell line tissues of origin, drug molecular targets, or drug classifications. These groups can be used for grouping within the plot system.

Getting Started