Installation options

Thunor Web can be installed in a variety of configurations, depending on the required level of security, scaling, and integration with existing infrastructure.

  • For most use cases, we recommend the typical installation. This uses Docker Compose to manage Thunor Web, an nginx web server, and a PostgreSQL database.

  • If you are just trying out Thunor Web and only need a single user account without network access, you can try the developer installation. This is also the option to pick if you might want to make edits to the Thunor Web source code. The developer installation doesn't use a Docker container for Thunor Web itself and doesn't run a full web server, instead relying on a lightweight, single user web server (Django's development server). This option still requires a PostgreSQL server, which by default is started in a Docker container during the installation process.

  • Advanced users may wish to try the remote installation using Docker Machine. This allows users to deploy Thunor Web onto remote machines and cloud servers using containers and virtual machines provisioned by Docker Machine from the command line. You could also deploy on a remote machine by using SSH remote access and following the typical installation instructions, if you prefer not to use Docker Machine.